Well Beings | Organic Cotton Shower Pouf


This 100% organic cotton shower pouf is an eco-friendly way to create a sustainable bath and self-care routine. Lather and exfoliate your skin gently with soft natural fibers, and go plastic-free with this reusable and washable eco-swap. The shower pouf is made with organic undyed cotton mesh, which provides a gentle lather for all skin types. Can even be used as a baby shower pouf! 

Why we love it

  • Zero waste 
  • Long lasting + durable 
  • Undyed + organic 
  • Woman owned 
  • Handmade in small batches in Vancouver, Canada 


Squeeze body wash directly onto the shower pouf to lather, and hang dry after every use. Machine wash & dry safe with regular laundry. Please wash before use, and allow for some shrinkage.

End of life + packaging

Fully compostable, allow the organic cotton to biodegrade over 1-5 months. 

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