Nature's Bodega was created when a group of friends from Vancouver wanted to make a difference, with two main goals in mind: reducing the amount of waste ending up in the landfill, and eliminating toxic chemicals that are in your everyday products. 

Upon researching the amount of waste that accumulates every year from household goods, we made it our mission to find eco-friendly alternatives to help support the planet. We believe that no matter how small the change, the impact is significant. Sustainability is the forefront of our business, and we practice this not only through the products we carry but also how orders are shipped. Although we always encourage up-cycling, every product description has an end of life and packaging write up to ensure proper disposal.

Sustainability also translates into the ingredients that are used and how products are made. By partnering with smaller businesses, we are able to build relationships and learn what materials create their products. With the amount of green wash products on the market today, we understand how overwhelming it may be to choose what is right for you and your home. We have alleviated this pressure by extensively researching the brands we carry, providing you with a genuine non toxic and sustainable experience. Every item we carry is cruelty free, free from synthetic fragrances, phthalates, parabens, SLS/SLES, and a wide range of harmful chemicals.

We are passionate about building a community, providing education, and offering a safe space for all. Visit our instagram where we are actively posting zero waste tips, information on the harms of toxic ingredients as well as the amount of waste conventional products create. 


You only have one body and one planet.