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Founded to make a difference.

Inspired by our stunning ocean, wildlife and skyrocketing mountains – our initial goal was to ensure that we, as a team and business, are actively protecting our home and reducing our carbon footprint. This inspiration ignited the idea to create an online space to educate and make green products accessible to those looking to transition to environmentally friendly goods.  

At Nature's Bodega we are all about embracing slow, intentional living and taking a moment to consider where and how products are made. We want to guarantee that our customers have an online space to consume and invest in quality goods built to last while reducing their environmental impact.

quality you can trust.

Each and every product we carry has been intentionally sourced with sustainability in mind.

We are passionate about products that celebrate the practice of slow living. Our collection has gone through extensive research and quality testing to ensure that they foster our values of clean, whole and natural ingredients.

plastic free.

We take pride in ensuring that every Nature's Bodega parcel arrives at your door in eco-friendly packing materials that leave a minimal footprint on our Earth.

J o u r n a l

Every month we dive into sustainable tips and tricks, zero-waste lifestyles, personal journeys and more!

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beyond the purchase

Our mission is to not only protect our beautiful environment that surrounds us, but to also ensure that we are doing our part in giving back to our community and beyond.

Our focus for our donation period from June - Sept will be $1 from every order to help fight wildfires in Canada.