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Since becoming a father, my perception of the world has changed drastically.

My priorities, values, relationships, and standards were all re-evaluated. New parents become increasingly aware of their environments and the home they will welcome their new baby into.

Overnight, I started paying attention and caring about the products we keep in our home. Products I’d never thought twice about, yet now they didn’t meet my standards. Were they non-toxic, free of abrasive and harmful chemicals? Did they pose a health risk to my family?

Becoming a father forced me to look beyond the organics section of the grocery aisle. Sure, what we feed our children is important, but the products we use in our home daily also need to be examined. This is significantly magnified when you see your 6-month-old crawling on the floor, sampling the flavour of our hardwood or when you wash their little hands. Are they coming into contact with toxins and chemicals that can be easily avoided and replaced?

Nature’s Bodega helped me navigate into a world of eco-friendly and effective cleaning products. My family started with the Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit, which comes in a beautifully crafted pinewood box and contains various home staples. There is the Multi-Purpose Cleaner from Cleaner Soul, which is safe on all surfaces in your household. It is scented with 100% pure organic essential oils and is pet, baby and food contact friendly. This cleaner also comes in five different scents: Baby Love, Breathe, Coconut Calm, Minty Mood and Sage Cleanse.

My wife loves the Laundry Strips. Each strip is ultra-concentrated, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly – the perfect zero-waste alternative to liquid detergent. It is safe for all washing machines, and the clothes come out looking fresh. They contain no dyes or chlorine and are vegan – which means they are gentle on the skin of little ones.

The Non-Toxic Cleaning Kit also comes with a Bamboo Dish Brush, Bamboo Bottle Brush, Dish Soap Bar, Swedish Dish Cloth and Soap Dish Duo.

While walking the virtual aisles of Nature’s Bodega, I also found a product that now regularly makes its way into my nightly routine.  After challenging days, I look forward to my eucalyptus shower steam. The Earth Love – Shower Steamers release a beautiful vapour and naturally help with congestion. It’s my escape. I compare it to stepping into a spa and watching the stress melt away. As the saying goes, “fill your cup first,” and these shower steamers do just that – it’s an enjoyable 10-minute getaway for the mind.  I’ve been kind enough to share my steamers as I have noticed the soothing aroma helps the kids breathe more comfortably if they’re feeling a little under the weather or are down with a cold.

Our family’s journey with Nature’s Bodega has indeed opened up my eyes. While non-toxic products are essential, so is sustainability. We belong to something much more significant than just ourselves. The choices we make and the products we use have a direct impact on our earth. That’s something we want to teach our kids.

“…Our children have the right to inherit an earth that has been loved, not destroyed.” – Earth Love

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 - Josef S.

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