Cleaner Soul | All Floor Cleaner Refill


Your 2oz amber glass bottle refill concentrate can be poured into your empty 16 oz forever bottle, or bottle of choice. Just fill with water and start cleaning!

One of our absolute favourites! This carefully balanced Ph neutral floor cleaner is safe for all floors and will effectively remove dirt and grime, while simultaneously giving your floors a beautiful shine. For floors like marble, this is very important as a lower Ph, or a more acidic solution, will degrade the sealing on the floor.

Ingredients include orange oil, which contain a powerful solvent D-limonene, that has the capability to cut through just about any dirt, grime or oil. This compound has the ability to dissolve oils quickly while leaving no residue behind! Paired along with ethyl alcohol which enhances the cleaning properties of D-limonene, while nutmeg and basil extracts add additional powerful terpenes to the formula. 

Leave your floors shining without the added harmful chemicals of traditional floor cleaners. 

Why we love it

  • Vegan
  • No animal testing  
  • All natural ingredients, no synthetic fragrances 
  • Pet and baby safe 
  • Woman owned 
  • Made in Southern California 

End of life + packaging

We suggest repurposing your 2oz glass bottle, or recycling curb-side.


Made from

Water, Orange Oil containing D-limonene, Ethyl Alcohol, Capryl Glucoside, Nutmeg Extract, Basil Extract 


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