Harlow | Wipe Away Eye Makeup Remover


A rich and silky eye makeup removing balm that gently breaks down eye makeup and eliminates impurities, letting your natural skin and delicate lashes breathe. The ingredients are sourced from a not for profit, social enterprises+ family run sustainable farm *Hives for Humanity, Naked Coconuts, and Seed To Table Farms

2 oz

Why we love it

  • No animal testing  
  • All natural, no harmful chemicals 
  • No synthetic fragrances, only pure essential oils
  • Woman owned  
  • Handmade in Vancouver, Canada 


Get a small amount out of the jar on your finger and rub together melting the product. Rub around your eyes and onto eyelashes. Do not worry if you get some in your eyes it is not harmful and shouldn’t sting or burn in anyway. Rinse Clean making sure to rinse off all the product. Works well with our reusable cotton rounds, hemp facial cloths, reusable cloth wipes or bamboo cloth wipes 

End of life + packaging

We suggest repurposing the glass jar, or recycling curb-side.

Made from

Cocos nucifera (extra virgin, Organic, Cold Pressed Coconut) Oil, Local Canadian Beeswax, Organic, Cold Pressed Canola Oil

*essential oil **organic


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