Cheeks Ahoy | Reusable Cotton Nursing Pads


Soft, durable, and reusable! These nursing pads are made with four layers of protection. The cotton flannel print side goes against your skin with the white fleece layer on the outside to stop leaks from getting through *prints may vary from photo 

4 nursing pads

Care: To reach max absorbency, wash and dry two or three times before use. Warm wash with detergent of choice, tumble dry low or air dry. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets, as these will decrease absorbency 

Why we love it:

  • Zero waste
  • No chemicals 
  • Becomes more absorbent with continued washes 
  • Handmade in Ontario, Canada 

End of life + packaging: Comes in paper packaging that can be composted or recycled curb-side 

Made from

Cotton flannel, polyester fleece 


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