Cleaner Soul x Nature's Bodega | Multipurpose Cleaner: Raincoast


In our first ever collaboration, we have designed our own Cleaner Soul multi purpose cleaner with our friends down South.

Rain Coast is inspired by our beautiful surrounding areas and coastal forests. We wanted this scent to remind you of walking through the trees after a gentle rain shower. Warm, earthy notes of patchouli create a spicy and sweet undertone when matched with the musty pine aromatics of frankincense. Bring the after rain scent into your home while keeping your surfaces germ + bacteria free.

Your 16 oz bottle of cleaner comes with a 2oz bottle of concentrate, just add it to your bottle with water and it's ready to use! 

Your Cleaner Soul multi-purpose cleaner can be used on literally every surface in your home! Throw away that basket full of harmful cleaners, this one does it all. Safe and effective to use on any surface that can get wet! 

Why we love it: 

  • Vegan
  • No animal testing  
  • All natural ingredients and fragrances 
  • Pet and baby safe 
  • Zero waste refillable glass bottles
  • Made in Southern California 

End of life + packaging: Keep your 16oz forever bottle and refill with the cleaner soul concentrate refills

Made from

Filtered water, soap made from coconuts, Cleaner Soul’s exclusive blend of 100% pure organic patchouli and frankincense essential oils, organic lactic acid made from sugar beets, citric acid made from lemons

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